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Frequently asked Questions.


Does the KOQOON GQ4 need a power supply to operate?

Yes. Although the main energy source is gas, the automatic control mechanisms, connectivity and lighting require a power supply. Any standard household socket is suitable for this.

Which gas bottles can I use to operate the KOQOON GQ4?

The KOQOON GQ4 works with propane gas, the standard grill gas. The gas bottle holder of the GQ4 is designed for both 5kg and 11kg bottles and therefore covers the established standards.

Does the KOQOON GQ4 have to be within WiFi range?

In order to connect the KOQOON GQ4 to the WiFi and take advantage of it, the grill must of course be within range of your network. You can also only connect the grill via Bluetooth, but then you will have a shorter range.

Is the app required to use the KOQOON GQ4?

The KOQOON GQ4 is an outstandingly good grill even without an app. However, for the sake of user-friendliness, we have limited individual functions such as guided grilling support or the display of sample temperatures to the app.

Can I use the pizza stone and the teppanyaki plate without a base frame?

The base support ensures that the pizza stone and teppanyaki plate rest perfectly on the grill's temperature sensors and so the automatic temperature control works ideally. They also hold the pizza stone and teppanyaki plate firmly in place and allow air circulation in the grill. That's why we strongly advise against placing the Teppanyaki plate and the pizza stone on the grill without a frame.


Can I also order the KOQOON GQ4 by telephone?

The easiest and quickest way is to order directly from us as the manufacturer in our online shop. Here you get all the relevant information and can easily enter and check your data. If you would like, we will be happy to support you by phone and guide you through the ordering process.

Can I also buy the grill in the store?

We work with a network of selected partners. You can experience the KOQOON GQ4 with them. Since we want to be as close to our users as possible, we only process purchases via our web shop.

Can I also order without a customer account?

You can also order as a “guest” without a customer account. The advantage of a customer account is that you can view, change or cancel your data and orders at any time.

How does shipping work?

The GQ4 is shipped individually via our shipping partner SET Spedition & Logistik GmbH. After ordering, our partner will contact you to arrange a delivery date. On the day of delivery, the shipping company will contact you again shortly before its arrival.

Do I have to assemble the KOQOON GQ4 myself?

The KOQOON GQ4 will be sent to you pre-assembled. The only things you have to put in yourself are the drip trays, drip trays, zone separators, burners, flame plates and grates. This can be done in under 5 minutes and without tools. We pack the inserts in a separate package to reduce the weight of the grill until it is in place at your location.

Which countries does KOQOON deliver to?

We currently deliver your orders to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, we are constantly expanding our area so that we will also deliver to other countries in the future. We will keep you updated on this on our website.

How much are the delivery costs?

Delivery is free of charge for you.

How long does the delivery take?

The delivery date will be coordinated with you individually by our logistics service provider, depending on when you can receive the KOQOON GQ4. Delivery usually takes place within a few working days.

Can I send the package to a collection point?

Unfortunately, due to the size of the package, you cannot send the KOQOON GQ4 to a pickup point.

Who can I contact if I have a service case?

If you need support when using the KOQOON GQ4 or a defect occurs, contact us directly and we will be happy to help you with all our efforts. You can reach us by email at: service@koqoon.com
Or by phone at: +49 7021 736646-0

Can I return the KOQOON GQ4?

If you change your mind within the first two weeks of receipt or the KOQOON GQ4 needs servicing, please contact our service department. He will go over the return or service options with you.

How long is the guarantee?

We give a 24 month guarantee on our KOQOON GQ4 (after receiving the goods).

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